The social area of our Foundation is aimed at developing programs and actions that contribute to promoting equal opportunities and improving the quality of life of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable people. 

The Foundation’s actions are preferably oriented towards the following areas or groups, among others: 

  • In elderly and disabled people who need help, improvement and adaptation of their homes, improving conditions and eliminating architectural barriers. 
  • In terms of housing, collaboration through the temporary and partial subsidy of rents for people in need. 
  • Regarding home support for the elderly and dependent people with proven and assessed needs: help by partially subsidizing the costs of home care that they may require. 
  • Regarding residential care for the elderly with insufficient income to meet their residential income, assistance through the partial subsidy of residential places. 
  • Regarding job placement for people with disabilities, help by partially subsidizing labour recruitment costs to institutions that hire disabled people. 
  • Regarding job placement for people at risk of social exclusion, by way of example, granting of scholarships for professional training for these people and, also, partial subsidy of labour recruitment costs to institutions that hire them. 
  • In improving health terms, participation in medical and social health research programs. 
  • In the educational field, promotion of knowledge and school success in school communities at risk of social exclusion. 

Additionally, participation in actions and programs aimed at promoting environmental responsibility and promoting sustainability. 


We finance, through donations, social solidarity projects
managed exclusively by non-profit entities.

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José Vicente Muñoz, Director General de la Fundación Metropolitan House, y Ferran Busquets, Director de Arrels Fundació, en el momento de la firma del acuerdo.

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