Metropolitan House visits the facilities of the Association Against Cancer in Barcelona


During the visit, the employees learned about the services that the Association provides, free of charge, to people with cancer and their families.

On January 15th, Metropolitan House employees visited the facilities that the Association Against Cancer has in Barcelona. Thanks to the explanations of Gemma Martinez from the Association, they were able to learn in situ about the mission and objectives of the Association, and the services provided, such as support and accompaniment to people affected by cancer, psychosocial care, support for physical well-being… among others.

During the visit, Gemma Martínez explained the entity’s figures during 2022, such as the more than 6,100 beneficiaries served by the entity’s professionals or the more than 4,000 served by volunteers, or the more than 136,000 people who have received preventive health messages in the digital environment, among other figures included in the Association’s 2022 Annual Report.

At the end of last year, the Association and the Metropolitan House Foundation signed a collaboration agreement that, on the one hand, makes available for Metropolitan House employees all the services offered by the Association and, on the other hand, the Foundation undertakes to participate in the dissemination of campaigns or preventive actions led by the Association.