A space for reflection aimed at analyzing housing policies from a social and environmental perspective.

The CHAIR IN DIGNIFIED AND SUSTAINABLE HOUSING was born in 2021, as result of the collaboration between Metropolitan House Foundation and the Barcelona School of Management of Pompeu Fabra University. 

The chair constitutes, for our Foundation, the central axis of knowledge contribution, in line with our founding purposes in the real estate sector, through a space for reflection from a social, environmental and economic perspective. 

Specifically, The Chair has the following objectives: 

  • Generate and develop knowledge about housing policies from social, environmental, economic, financial, fiscal and management perspectives. All of them aimed at improve the quality of life of citizens and preserving the environment, as well as promoting the efficiency and sustainability of the real estate sector. 
  • Develop activities for the transfer and dissemination of the knowledge generated, from congresses and conferences, the publication of informative articles or the preparation of case studies, among others. 
  • Develop activities related to the training and qualification of professionals in the real estate sector from the creation of training programs, internships in real estate companies and any other activity that enhances their professional development. 

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Director of the Chair in Dignified and Sustainable Housing

Degree in Business Administration and Management from the UAB, Master’s in Accounting and Financial Management from UPF-BSM, and a doctorate in Business Administration and Management from the URV.



Fundación Metropolitan House

Doctor in Economic Sciences and Law Degree from the University of Barcelona. Chartered Accountant and Financial Analyst.




Graduated in International Business and Languages from the Rotterdam Business School, Master of Science in Management and Business Analytics from UPF-BSM.




Degree in Sociology from the UAB, degree in Journalism from the UPF and a doctorate in Economics and Business from the UVic.




Degree in Economics and Law from the Pompeu Fabra University, Master in Accounting and Financial Management from the UPF-BSM. 

Sustainable Balanced Scorecard for the real estate sector

February 2024

(Spanish version)

New financing model for rental housing

July 2023

(Spanish version)

Social return of a building rehabilitation project 

July 2022 



Exclusive interviews with sector leaders who reflect, from the social and environmental perspective to the analysis of the financial and economic sphere, on housing policies and the challenges to building a fairer and more environmentally friendly housing future.

EP 01

Housing market situation and prospects

Carles Sala, director of the Legal Area of the Official College of Real Estate Agents, talks to us about the challenges of decent housing and the situation of the real estate market.

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