• YEAR


  • Allocation

    12.000 €

  • Municipality

    Sant Joan Despí


This initiative, promoted by the Sant Joan Despí City Council, aims to facilitate to older people the access to information technologies and avoid the digital divide.
The Project aims to offer advice and training so that older people learn to use their mobile phones or tablets, and get the most out of them, or simply resolve doubts about the use of these mobile devices.
The use and knowledge of digital media provides greater autonomy, independence and social life to older people. But their lack of knowledge and the difficulties of access and use have created a digital divide that affects many older people, at a time when there is a growing digitalization of different services for daily use.

Through community workshops, specific courses on specific topics or advice in different environments in the municipality of Sant Joan Despí, older people will learn, among other things, to look for a number in the contact book, increase the size of the letters, download public transport applications, connect to a Wi-Fi network, open files, manage storage, use Google Maps, make a video call, send photos via WhatsApp, participate in social networks, manage notifications or how to carry out procedures with the administrations.